(Seeing as though Borsq hasn't made one of these in a while, I decided I would hijack the series for a short period of time, or for a long period of time, don't know yet! Borsq, if you're not ok with me continuing this, just tell me ok? Without further adieu, here we go!)

We all know that a person's car choice will often reflect on their personality. How about we try to do it the other way? I'll give you a description of a person and you'll try to come up with a perfect car for them.

You may post cars that are reasonably within reach for the described person, or ones that aren't but seem like they would suit them perfectly (although I'd prefer you stick to the former choice). Also, try to stick to mass produced cars. I know that hot rods are cool, but I'd rather you keep it within reason.

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Person 1:

A 38 year old female, 5'6", long blond hair. She just got divorced from her third husband, and got custody over one of her 3 kids. She comes from a rather "trashy" family, and has quite gaudy tastes. She is also an avid drinker, and spends most of her evenings with her girlfriends drinking cheap wine at bistros or cafes. Her third husband was quite well off, and she's getting a pretty decent amount of money from him on a monthly basis. She is a self proclaimed philanthropist, but does nothing to fulfill this role. She needs something safe and reliable to get her to job interviews, but being the person that she is, she is very likely to overspend, overspend, overspend! She knows nothing about cars besides which ones are fancy. She can't drive stick.


Person 2:

A 22 year old male, 6'1" Athletic build, short, curly brown hair. He just moved to the US from Italy for a "once in a lifetime" job opportunity. He is studying at a good school on the east coast while working. He lives in New York with his girlfriend, who is a year older than him, and is planning to major in Biochemistry. His family back in Italy was quite wealthy, but he is quite a down to earth guy. He prefers simple day-trips to the beach over multi-thousand dollar vacations. He doesn't dismiss the fact that he comes from a good family though, and is quite a vigilant worker. He knows mechanics very well. This is because one of his childhood hobbies was Go-cart racing, so he has quite an exposure to fast metal machines. He can fix most mechanical issues like it is nothing, but still lacks major mechanical experience, like engine swapping. He is a fan of modern technology, but doesn't like the overuse of it in modern cars too much. he also knows how to bargain, and will do everything in his power to get a good deal. He needs a car to get him to school and work, but also wants something he can take a spirited weekend drive in with his girlfriend. He prefers driving manual.