Jalopnik’s resident European contributor Máté Petrány uploaded a video Sunday “testing” the controversial “air bumps” of a Citroën C4 Cactus CUV.

This unadvertised and unannounced video was probably conceptualized after or in result of Máté Petrány’s recent Jalopnik preview of the vehicle, in which users submitted what they would like to know about the vehicle featured while in Máté’s possession.


While the test could be deemed perfectly valid, some may claim that it was not extensive enough. The hypothesis seemed to be “Can the air bumps of a Cactus CUV withstand the beating of a (small) hammer”, while the question should have been “How much force is required defeat the Cactus CUV’s air bump feature and cause extensive damage to the vehicle”.


The Jalopnik author has yet to reply to no requests for comment.

Other mysterious and / or questionable Máté Petrány content:

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