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We all know that drunk Aunt Sally. If you don’t, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

For those who still don’t get it... Order of operations in a mathematical problem is Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. Got all that. Cool

Ambiguity - What are the rules for doing similar weighted operations? - 1+2-4. (addition and subtraction are equally weighted). Allegedly, the rules state that you do the one you encounter first. So you do addition here first and then do subtraction. Allegedly it makes no difference.

Problem = 6/2(1+2)

We do parenthesis first: 1+2=3.


Do we do division first? or do we do multiplication first? Since we jumped to parenthesis first, the closest operation from there is multiplication.


Mathematicians insist that the answer there is 9. But doesn’t it depend on linguistics? For instance... if you’re Jewish or Muslim and read right to left, wouldn’t you encounter right side operations first?

So then both answers.... 1 and 9 are correct... depends where you’re from