My dad and I aren’t sure where I will ultimately go to college so the car won’t be sold. I’m a little skeptical on the tranny so I’m going to do a transmission fluid flush sometime soon and put in the solid shifter bushings. I hear it might help avoid the rough shifting problems. Currently I’m double clutching it and pursing the lumpy idling issue. The shop my dad uses claims it will cost 1k to fix it (I call bull) so I’m going to a mechanic friend of mine to diagnose this problem.

Since it’s not being sold the autocross plans for spring will be a go! I’m going to put in the head unit I bought a while back tomorrow so I have an aux output for all my favorite FLAC files. Good bye GM!

I’ve also gotten addicted to FLAC. Fleetwood Mac is great to listen to, but usually I’m forced with MP3 files. So I’ve started downloading FLAC files of Fleetwood Mac. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER than MP3. I hear it’s not as good as Vinyl, but damn. Damn good music.