Matrix Owners FB Rant about Boost and Politics

Rant below about Matrix Owners.

If you think you want your bone stock 2ZZ to be boosted to make 280 HP, you’re within a pipe dream. It will handle the T28 turbo. It will handle the supercharger. But I’ll be wagering on how fast it blows up. Oh yeah, 11 Compression will allow like 400 hp. The stock pistons are made from unobtanium and will handle boost like a boss. Totally.


Now he claims he’s seen many stock 2zzs running 280-290 WHP without any problems. lol.

This does not come near the 3 hour long discussion I had on trans issues with a Florida chap in that group. That turned my brain into slush and we both conceded that it was just another political ploy for some nefarious people on the left and right to gain political votes. I personally think most if not all politicians don’t believe in marginalized people. If it gets them votes by loving or hating them, they will discuss it. Just like any issue.

I also like how people’s middle names are often their businesses.

Talk about corporahumanization.

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