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Max Angelelli is delusional

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Not only does he think DPi is “P1 Lite”, but he also thinks nobody watches WEC. He could not have been any more wrong.


Read this, emphasis mine.

“Look at this like it’s P1 Lite,” Angelelli told me. “This is not nearly as expensive as a WEC P1 car. They have hundreds of millions in their budgets—three digit millions—and most of the time they race in front of nobody. This costs single-digit millions, and we’ll race at Daytona, Sebring, Petit Le Mans, Long Beach. Big races.”


He’s on an acid trip, that guy.

First off, DPi is not P1 Lite. Not even close. DPi is more like Branded P2, and while their budgets are admirably small when compared to LMP1, it will still get blown away by the real thing.


Oh, and while yes, there are about 70,000 people who turned up at the Rolex 24 this year (60k to 80k, actually), Le Mans still commands well over 40,000 more spectators, not to mention viewers on the WEC app, something IMSA doesn’t have because they suck FOX Sports’ filthy cock.

Plus, check out the stands at COTA during IMSA’s Lone Star Le Mans.

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