So I have a little intellectual ummm thought experiment, I guess? Which I pull out on occasion when people don’t expect it. In naming this hypothesis, which I can not prove and neither believe nor disbelieve (Schrodingers cat); I have coined the phrase “Time-Probability Constant”.

The “Time-Probability Constant” states that; all that ever will be, is all that ever could be, conversely all that ever could be is all that ever will be. This theory then applies circular logic (not the best kind 🤪)to observable happenings in the universe in an attempt to justify why some things happen and others do not. My brothers hate this theory and throw up their hands in disgust when I mention it. I just smile and enjoy my enlightened state of mind. 😎


Also I’ve baked in the impossibility of disproving the idea because I refuse to accept that something happened which was not going to happen, because it was the only possible outcome. I could go on but I’ll stop. Discussion?

*Rubs hands in anticipation*