Extreme brain numbing work related stupidity inside, involving a mop.


Customer: Hi, do you know how this works? *produces mop*
PS9: Wat...

PS9’s Brain *Haha, no way. This person piloted a 2 1/2 ton machine here and navigated their way into the store to reach that object. They obviously have the basic skills expected of a functioning human in civilized society. It’s not possible for them to not know how a mop works. Maybe they’re just having a brainfart or something? Yeah, that’s gotta be it.*

PS9: “It’s a mop.”
Customer: “Yeah, how does it work?”
PS9: “You...you mop things with it. Floor things...”
Customer: “How do you do that?”

PS9’s brain;

PS9: *pause to reflect on the moment you are about to explain to someone how a fucking mop works*... “Well, you put it in a bucket of water, you wipe it across the floor, then you squeeze the handle over the bucket of water.”
Customer: “So you put this in the water? Which end do you put in the water?”
PS9: “...I...you’re holding that part. The sponge part.”
Customer: “Okay, so you put it in the water...”
PS9: “yes...”
Customer: “...Then you wipe the floor...”
PS9: “...yes.”
Customer: “...then you squeeze the sponge in the water?”
PS9: “...YES.”
Customer: “You’re not very nice.”