Maximum trolling in real life

So a couple of years ago I posted a picture I found on Instagram of an E63 with E350 badges. Today I happened to run into the car/person in real life and can confirm it’s real. As I was walking I saw this E63 parked and thought “Ooh an E63, my favorite!”.


As I got closer I noticed they removed the V8 Bi-Turbo badge on the side. “Hmm that’s weird maybe they debaged the whole thing”, nope.

I burst out laughing in the street at seeing this and snap a couple of pics. Call my friend to tell him what I’m seeing and the owner comes out. I told him he wins at trolling and that it’s fuckin hilarious, he laughed and thanked me then got in and let that V8 do all the talking as he drove away. Made my day lol

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