Old question, new spin. What is the maximum height to length ratio that disqualifies a wagon as a wagon?

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Brought up by this post

What is the smallest Height/Length ratio that is still a wagon? Also, there are obvious other ways to determine wagonness (based on a sedan, cargo to rear glass, etc). Im not going to debate if my method is best or even good.



Outback .346 (take off the tall roof rails guess is .330)

allroad .316

TourX .296

E450 wagon/V90 - .299

XF sportbrake .302


Tiguan .357

Highlander .352

Outback .346 (yeah, I did that)

Q8 .342

Macan GTS - .341

GLA AMG45 - .330

Looks the Line is pretty solidly around .31-.32 though as you can see crossovers are encroaching on this numbers. Now hatchbacks...thats another matter.

Golf R - .339

Mazda 3 hatch - .323

Just some food for thought.

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