MaxTrax; The Oppo Review

Last weekend we took a long weekend and went down to Rocky Point, Mexico. It was quite restful and very enjoyable. Part of our time was spent playing in the sand.


Test 1 - Burying the back wheels in 2WD and using 2 MaxTrax to get us out.

We started off slow. We figured if this didn’t work we could always throw it in 4WD Low and pull ourselves out.

Buried back wheels

So we got two trax out and placed them under the back wheels after digging out the sand a little bit. Bam! We were out of there!


That was easy.

Test 2- Being Slightly stuck and using 2 MaxTrax up front to pull us out

Next we decided to get stuck again and try pulling ourselves out just by the front wheels.


Another Success!

Test 3 - Get as stuck as possible and see if we can get out using 4 MaxTrax.

Step 1 - Get very stuck... CHECK!

We buried it all the way to the diffs. There was no way we were getting out of there without help.


We dug out a little and placed all 4 trax. Moment of truth time.

Voila! We were out!


It was good to get out and test these things in a low stress environment. We were able to practice our recovery in a low stress situation so when the time comes we know what we need to do.

Also I feel it is important to note that a winch would not have saved us in this situation. We only had one vehicle and there was nothing to winch off of.


10/10 i would recommend MaxTrax as some essential recovery gear for any off-road enthusiast.

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