For anyone curious, or anyone interested in owning the previous generation Maybach 57/62, here is a list of scheduled maintenance items and their approximate costs. Remember, these costs are approximate and can vary greatly from shop to shop. It doesn’t help that I took them straight from a quote I did about a year ago.

Brake fluid $770

Transmission fluid and filter service with new electrical connector $375

Coolant (main circuit) $190

Engine air filters $190

Spark plugs $1,100

Fuel filter $340

Belt and belt tensioner $550

Charcoal cabin filter $155

A or B service $200-600 (depending on which service is due and your shop’s pricing)

This is the list of scheduled replacement maintenance items. There is a further list of inspection, adjustment, and lubrication items that’s included in the base A/B services, so I didn’t feel it necessary to include here.


Also I had said it $10k for a 40k service. I was mistaken. The quote I was thinking of included some other repairs and maintenance. Such as tires at $2300 installed. These cars will need things that are not on the above list and those things will be expensive.

These cars have:

3 brake fluid reservoirs

6 brake calipers

2 SBC brake hydraulic units

2 AC compressors

A 385 amp water cooled alternator that costs $12,000-18,000

2 separate communication/entertainment systems

The complexity of these is ridiculous. Parts costs are absolutely insane. You thought a “normal” V12 Mercedes is crazy to own? We’re barely even scratching the surface with what you see here. Just imagine how many control modules will get fried when the alternator goes bad and sends over 20 volts throughout the vehicle. Just imagine how much each of those modules costs. Then triple whatever number you thought of and you might get close. A Maybach makes an S600 look like a Corolla.


*drops mic onto the ashes of your shattered dreams and walks away