Maybe a Mid Engine Vette is Wrong

People didn’t ask for it. The vette went for decades as a front engine, that’s its place. Sports car maybe, gran tourer probably, supercar sometimes. But always with the power, the power that commands respect but doesn’t get it (*cough* mustang). The power that leads to videos like this:

The sort of power that makes a sub 60,000 Yankee bucks a very dangerous prospect indeed.


Maybe front engined worked well for this car. The packaging, the style, the perceptions. The old men lacing them with gaudy garbage and presenting them as Three Thousand Miles Never Driven In The Rain.

Mid Engine isn’t a win win. You gain agility at the cost of stability, predictability. By all accounts the c7 was a fantastic car, and if Aston and Ferrari and maserati and jaag and friends can make so many great front engined cars... Should Chevrolet seek some misplaced fortune by moving the engine to the back?

Maybe they’ll be fine. Maybe all the “” traditional”” corvette customers out there never really drive them hard so won’t be thrown off by wacky mid enginedness. But it feels off.

My only car is an mr2. I love, love mid engined cars, and I love the idea that they can be produced for the commoners. I’ve been quietly optimistic about the idea of a mid engined vette for some time.


But even so. Is it the right choice?

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