In my never ending unnecessary car shopping I find myself looking at a variety of cars, but there is one that I never really considered, maybe I should just turn to the dark side and get a Versa.

At only $12.3k the Versa is cheap. It also comes with roll up windows and a 5 speed manual. While those might sound like negative attributes, these are good things; manual windows mean no heavy motors so it’s lighter, and 5 speeds mean you don’t have shift as much.

It also has four doors, so it’s more practical than my 328i.


With all that practicality, I could work as a uber driver; I think owning a Nissan and driving for uber go hand in hand.

It’s even got a backup camera! This is really putting my decade old 328i to shame!


Just look at that magnificence, it even says Friendship on the back you know that dealer must be really friendly.


APRIL FOOLS, you really think I’d buy a fucking Versa?