“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

We seem to have a reprieve for Oppo, at least for now, and who knows for how long. Time to establish new quarters, perhaps, with the heroic efforts of our own (looking at you Nick and Rally). G/O says it’s “reevaluating” keeping the personal pages.

So then why do we put up a masthead with the ever-popular “herb” epithet against the CEO of the company that will decide whether or not to nuke us? It’s nothing more than a childish personal insult, unworthy of the quality people on Oppositelock (whether or not it’s true). It has a zero per cent chance of bringing a positive response, but it does have a non-zero per cent chance (judging from recent events) of adding to this company’s decision that maybe these personal pages should go after all.


All I’m saying is let’s keep to adult behavior and analysis on this subject, when we discuss it here, and otherwise avoid epithets. Shouldn’t our “be excellent” credo apply even beyond our membership, even to people whose actions don’t warrant it? My priority is to preserve this awesome community.  To me, the momentary gratification that comes from insulting a person whose actions deserve it isn’t worth risking that.

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