Maybe I do want an electric car...

I’d pretty much decided that next year I want to get a GTI, maybe a Golf R if I can find an acceptable CPO for a not ridiculous number of dollars.


My commute sucks donkey butt. I leave my house at 7:15 to drive the 11.8 miles to my office, spending at least 45 minutes in traffic that literally gets worse every single day (Austin nets 50 new residents per week), then leave work at 5 or 5:15 to get home at 6 or so, all while averaging about 21.7 MPH.


At the moment I have a 2007 M35 that averages 17.6 MPG. According to Gas Cubby I spend $1 in gas for every 7.22 miles driven, and in the past year have spent about $1350 on fuel. If I get a GTI I could maybe improve fuel efficiency by 10-12 MPG, saving maybe $600 a year on gas. That’s quite a lot, actually. But considering how consummately shitty my drive is, is there any point to having a “fun” car? Maybe I just need an electric (honestly that new Honda is intriguing) or a really clever hybrid like the new Volt.

And just keep the Alfa for those rare moments I can get on the road and drive.

I’m torn between practicality and wanting one last fun car before the inevitable.

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