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Maybe I should stop doing unnecessary car shopping

I drove downtown Savannah for lunch today, and since I was already down there I figured I should do some unnecessary car shopping. I was leaving the BMW dealer and I saw this in the back of the lot. It looks like it’s someones car, but it’s basically the exact M3 I wanted to buy. It’s probably the only M3 I would trade mine for. I guess this is the downside to constantly car shopping one day you come across the car you really wanted. I also went to Lexus where I test drove this:

I actually liked it. The person who owned it originally had festooned with a plethora of AMG badges. I haven’t driven a C63 of the same generation but I have driven a C300 of the same generation and this is certainly faster than the C300. It felt pretty quick, not as quick as my M3, but pretty close. Only having manual cars I forget how much more than involves you. The auto can be nice, but does take away from the driving experience. It did make nice crackles on the downshift. I can see why they decided to make this into the C43 AMG.

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