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My grandma barely drives and my grandpa suggested swapping my Civic for her 2011 Mazda 3. The Mazda is worse on gas, but its more reliable (under 100,000kms while my Civic has 200,000kms) and it’s better on insurance for me (5 years newer plus not a Honda)

I really like the idea and would be willing to drop $100-$200 to revert the exhaust on the Civic back to stock and swap. Hopefully it works out because I’d finally like to have a car with all the speakers working again, plus the Mazda has no rust (just two big scratches and one with paint chipped).

I just hate the tiny interior of the Mazda 3. They are both basically the same trims, cloth seats, A/C, Heat, etc. The Mazda 3 just has a trunk spoiler.

I have to change the brakes on my Civic, and I need a new front bumper and remove rust on the Civic. The Mazda just needs brakes.


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