A bit over a month ago, I was dragged into a group chat by a friend. Some girl in the chat fell for me almost immediately, and even more after a Skype session.

Anyway, the other day, she asked me about my current dream car, after asking me what I drive. After posting a picture of my dream car, she knew what it was right away, and she loves Mazdas, especially Miatas. She also missed her dad's old one, which I assume was an NA.

What have I gotten myself into? She also finds me the coolest and hottest guy she's ever seen, even compared to her BF, and she said I look like a hotter version of Andrew Garfield.

She's out in Wisconsin, and I'm in South Eastern Canada.. and I don't understand why she has a crush on me, especially when she's taken.


Shall I run or taker her in?