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Maybe Sitting With The Cool Kids Isn't So Cool

488: Ho-ho! Well if it isn’t our old pall the R-Late!
R8: That’s not my name!
Aventador: Haha, it is now!
599 GTB: Just look at that price tag. Disgusting. I bet that’s low enough for one of the poors to buy you.
R8: Is not!
488: Woah, you better reign in your little brother here, Aventador.
Aventador: Pfft. What’s this ‘brother’ crap? I don’t know him. He ain’t from my side of the family, that’s for damned sure.
R8: But...we are related! Really! I got the same stuff under my skin you do!
Aventador: Whatev. Keep tellin’ yerself that, kid.
488: Oh, 599! What did the doctors wife say when he brought home an R8 for her birthday?
599: I’ve no idea. Do share!
R8: No!
488: I’m leaving you because I don’t want to be married to a poor. Let us all now laugh at the R8's expense!
R8 :(

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