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Maybe this puddle was from some car that parked there in the 40 minutes I was gone...

I came back from my lunch break and parked in the spot next to where I was parked before I headed home over lunch. In the spot where I had been just 40 minutes earlier was a pretty good size splotch, which based upon its very red coloration when I smeared it on some nearby snow with my foot, is probably ATF(used in this instance as power steering fluid).

My car has been known to let out a little PS fluid but it usually doesn’t even leave a spot. I have had a piece of cardboard down in my garage for two months that is almost bare and I park this car over it every day.


Anyways, the only thing I could think that may have caused it, was that I was parked with my wheels turned a bit to one side this morning, whereas I normally straighten them out. Could having my wheels turned increase pressure in the system causing more than average to leak?

I just went out and checked and after having been back from lunch for 1:15 minutes, there is nothing under my car in the new spot.

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