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Mazda 6 MPS pictures

I thought I needed to take pictures for the insurance on my Mazda 6 MPS. Turns out they were not needed for the type of insurance I wanted (as basic as humanly and legally possible).

Let’s not let them go to waste though, this is what a 12-year old, 110.000+ mile, unknown previous user history, Mazda 6 MPS/Mazdaspeed 6 looks like on a sunny day;





It’s been mine for a bit over a month now, and it has behaved pretty well in that time. I have put new summer tires on, treated the leather and general interior a bit, fixed some fuses and the indicator lights, and washed it twice. I also found out the CD player doesn’t work, so that’s another item for the list. Then again, who uses CD’s anymore... Unfortunately this radio does not have an AUX port either though. That is on the list for mods as it seems to be quite simple to add one, and I kind of don’t want to replace the OEM radio.


The major item that needs to be done to have it pass inspection in December is to have the local Mazda dealer/garage (or perhaps an independent) take a look at the airbag/seatbelt pre-tensioner light that is consistently on. If that can be fixed without costing a fortune, there are some mechanical items to sort out. The headlights have been messed with and I want to get those fixed before darkness is coming... I’d hate to blind other people with badly adjusted headlights. There are some bushings and some seals that are on the worn side, and a small leak where the second cat meets the custom catback exhaust. If all that is sorted and the car remains mechanically sound... It’s modding time.

First on my list will probably be shocks and springs to drop the car and ride height a bit...


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