So in June I bought a used, 110k+ mile Mazda 6 MPS/Mazdaspeed 6. No user or service history. No user manual. It was a gamble buy because of all theseĀ reasons but the power and fun factor won me over. For more details you can check out this post:

For a while I have done nothing more on the car. Just driving regularly and having fun. But fall has arrived early and darkness is upon us, literally. It gets dark quite early already and I figured out I really wanted to get rid of the window tint. While driving at nightĀ I could make out no details through the tint, it was so dark.

Unfortunately I have no power outlet within extension cord range to my parking spot. So today IĀ went over to a friendā€™s place and used his garage to get to work with a hairdryer and a razor blade.

Iā€™m not even sure that window tint was legal... also, that rear window was darker than the backseat side windows for some reason. After spending some time being careful, I ran out of patience and just pulled it all off. There was glue residue even while being careful so I figured if I had to go clean the windows anyway, letā€™s just get the foil off quick.


Meanwhile, my friend was enjoying himself checking out everything under the hood. We came to the conclusion that a previous owner probably hit an animal at some point. The front bumper fits just slightly off, and some plastic bits inside had been broken. Also spotted a bit of an oil leak that I already knew about, the belt on the left side off the engine (while standing in front of the car) is rubbing a bit, perhaps related. Exhaust is still leaky and the air filter box on the right is a bit damaged. So itā€™s definitely a work in progress but so far everything still runs.


Anyway, he made some ducttape fixes to plastic partsĀ and we went for a short drive. The rest of the evening I have been scraping off glue residue...

Now to go browse the service manuals to get more familiar with the engine.