I got my hands on a 2018 CX 5 to check out. I got curious and looked at the rear leg room in comparison to my e-Golf. I was shocked at the results

(Full Disclosure: This has been way played out. If you don’t know that manufacturers provide cars for free, and usually play for hotels and foods, then you have other issues. This used to be funny, now it just wastes data.)

Hertz Car Sales is a big account for my shop, so I get to see lots of new cars coming through my shop. I enjoy this, much more so than my previous big account which was a Mini and BMW dealer. When you’ve seen one BMW and Mini, you’ve seen them all.

Onto my review.

I was not busy at all today. I was nodding off. So when Hertz dropped off this car I got bored and spent a few minutes inside.


It’s so far away, I can barely read it.
Photo: His Stignes (Pixel 3 XL)

The infotainment system isn’t terrible. It’s intuitive enough for me. But the most glaring issue is the screen placement. It’s a touch screen, but you don’t need to touch it, but if you wanted to, you’d need arms much longer than are proportional. I’m 5'10" (OR AM I?!?!), and I sit at safe distance from the steering wheel. I believe my elbows sit at 45 degrees when I have my hands at 10 and 2. Not 9 and 3. 10 and 2. When I am sitting in a natural position I have to lift my shoulder off the seat to be able to reach the screen.


All points of access for the driver should be within arms reach without lifting your shoulder. In my Golf (both of them), and my old Mercedes, all points can be accessed without reaching. This is how things should be done.


At first, I thought the only way to access other tabs was to touch them, but I guess you have to move the cursor over with a little force to do that. So there’s no need to touch the screen. I was about to say Mazda should not have made it a touch screen, but it might work better for passengers. But passengers DO NOT TOUCH THE CONTROLS. They stay in their bubble and they shut up!

This is what you get when you press the NAV button. That’s just sad. Mazda was so cheap they can’t even put a blank button in. SAD.
Photo: His Stigness (Pixel 3 XL)

Onto the seats.

Whoa. The front seat is comfy. Very plush. The plastic seats actually feel like real leather.


But the back seats don’t have enough room. Not for a vehicle of this size. Here is how much room I don’t have with the driver’s seat in my seating position. Again, I’m 5'10" (OR AM I?!?!) and I sit in the proper position with my elbows bent at 45 degrees. I would prefer not to be killed by the airbag. But I also do not sit so far back that I have to pull myself up by the steering wheel. So this is a good position to judge the backseat space. Now, I will say it’s not uncomfortable. At least not for a short trip. But the ingress/egress is absolute shit. I had to fall out of the damn car.


And because I was super bored I decided to compare it to my MKVII Golf. I have the same amount of room in the back seat as my Golf, give or take a millimeter. And I relax I have tons of room. I would not mind a decent trip in the back seat (HA! Like I wouldn’t be driving, no matter the car I’m in). And ingress/egress is natural and fluid in the Golf. VW managed to do that while still creating a good looking car.

The seat cover lies. There is about the same amount of room as in the Mazda.
Photo: His Stigness (Pixel 3 XL)


Mazda has a lot to learn me thinks.

I can only imagine how horrible the back seat is in the Mazda 3.