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Mazda CX-5 - thoughts?

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The girlfriend and I are considering condensing down to one car in the somewhat-near future. I currently have a Grand Cherokee and she has a Honda Civic - whoops, excuse me, an Acura ILX :P. We live in the city and need something that still affords us some interior room, while also still affording her the ability to parallel park. Also, we’d like it to be affordable. I’m flirting with the idea of some lower-level luxury CUVs because of this, but the pragmatic side of me keeps going back to the CX-5. It’s on the cheap side, looks pretty darn good in the higher trims with the nice wheels, and hits all of our other checkboxes. I consider myself a Jalop, of course, though. I feel like I see a lot of these on the roads now, and I’d hate to become part of the masses.


Thoughts? Alternative recommendations?

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