I took my 2004 Mazda 6 wagon in to the dealer for an airbag recall. They went through the car thoroughly and presented me with a $4585 quote for fixing all the miscellaneous quirks.

It's everything from replacing control arms to fixing engine mounts and doing throttle body cleaning. The big one was $2000+ for engine resealing. I already spent quite a bit last year on it replacing ignition coils etcetera. I can probably get a better deal at an independent shop (I have an appointment for Monday), but I know a lot of these issues are real.

The Mazda 6 has been a relatively fun driver, and was a good value when I bought it, however the long term quality does not seem to match up to the other Japanese brands


See: http://tradeinqualityindex.com/vehicles/Mazda…

At this rate I could almost finance or lease a new car. The bulk of the quote is labor costs, but I don't have the time to do it myself. At what point does it not make sense to keep this car running? I wonder if I bite the bullet and do the maintenance / repairs, will it give me a few more good years?


What would you do?

EDIT - list of repairs:

  • Battery cable repair (lots of corrosion): $285
  • #3 motor mount: $299
  • Left front control arm: $384
  • 2 Michelin Tires: $488
  • Automatic transmission flush: $194
  • Engine reseal: $2125
  • Throttle body clean: $89
  • Fuel injection service: $123
  • Pollen filter: $68