Mazda Makes Big Announcement at NYC

Mazda had more hiding up their sleeves than just a upgrade package for their upcoming MX-5. While production is already underway for the new model, the current model won’t exit production until late this Fall. Beginning in June, Mazda will run a limited number of MX-5s equipped with a 3.7l V6, pulled from the CX-9.

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Just 1,370 units will be made. They’ll be equipped with the same Club package as offered now. The V6 has been tuned for 275hp, and 272lb-ft. Mazda has stated in the past that the chassis can support well above 200hp, and has decided to test the idea with this limited run.

The 3.7 V6 is sourced from our CX-9. As we move forward with the MX-5, we wanted to give back to our supporters. We’ve always believed the MX-5 has been plenty potent with the engine choices given now and in the past. This limited run is something that some enthusiasts have asked for. The 3.7 only weighs about 67lbs more than the 2.0 currently in the outgoing MX-5. This limited run will wear the same 17in wheels and feature the same options as the Club Edition. If we see a positive result, we may continue adding performance versions for future models as well.


Orders will begin 4/15/2015, and as we have seen in the past, it may take only a few moments for all these unicorns to be claimed for.

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