Mazda Miata, a review.

Today I got the opportunity to look at the new 2016 Mazda Miata, Americas best selling sports car. The one I am reviewing is a mid-level club trim finished in soul red metallic with black seats. The original Miata was a soulful, simple, great driving roadster that enthusiasts just loved. The 2016 Miata is trying to also be a simple, soulful, affordable and great driving roadster.

Lets start with the styling, all past Miatas have been round and circular in their design while the 2016 has adopted Mazdas kodo design which is a sleek, pretty, and modern design. Past Miata interiors have been simple clean and driver focused. In my opinion, the 2005 Mazdaspeed Miata had one of the best interiors of the past decade. The 2016 Miatas interior has a little more tech inside with a intuitive infotainment system and nice design. The interior is smartly layed out. Unlike some Mazda interiors such as the cx9 where the center console is big enough to swallow someone, the mx5 miatas interior is layed out simply but smartly.

Now lets get to the part that you actually want to hear, the driving experience. The miata handles so great, perhaps the greatest of any sports car. The steering is light but communicative and you know exactly where the wheels are at all times. This car is a blast to drive, carving through corners like a pro. The Miata is light and zippy with an engine that isnt overwhelmingly powerful but sufficient enough for such a light car. My verdict is that if you love to drive, value handling, and can fit in it by all means buy it. You wont stop smiling.