What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Oppo review. Pros/cons format

My buddy who previously had a stock, teal Civic hatch and a G35 (both totalled) just picked up this beauty so he doesn’t have to keep spending $800 a month on Uber and lyft. 80,000 miles, exterior 6/10, interior 8/10, a few minor mechanical issues, $800. I drove it. I liked it a lot. He doesn’t really like wagons (I’m working on it) but I think he’ll come to love this thing. Plans are window tint, clean up the interior and exterior, and use as a commuter until he can find another G35.



Surprisingly decent power. It will scoot


Awesome white gauge faces

Great clutch, especially considering that this really isn’t a sporty car

Wagon. And a good goldilocks just right size, similar to a mid 2000's wrx wagon.


Interior feels much larger than it is, due to lots of open space and the sunroof


Not a great shifter, and gets worse the faster you try to shift

Where is the oil filter...? Could not find from the engine bay, which leads me to believe it will be a pain to change


Body doesn’t feel well-connected when accelerating or going around curves. Could use new engine mounts, maybe sway bars

Probably the cheapest coolant overflow tank I’ve ever seen. It wiggles around like crazy and I’m amazed it hasn’t broken out of its “bracket”


And as an added bonus, I let him drive the Miata. Managed to get a pretty good exhaust clip. It’s crazy how different it sounds when you’re behind it. (I know I know, vertical video)

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