When I first bought the Mazda5 the pleather shift boot was beginning to flake and, as seen, the knob label had gone out to pasture. Being ever the optimist, this was an excuse to upgrade.

First I went to a local fabric store and obtained a couple square feet of the mythical Alacantara. Or, as it’s more generally known microsuede. I found a nice medium blue that stands out a bit and is an homage to other Mazda special editions. Also breaks up the sea of silver and black. Having a MiL who enjoys crafting was very helpful and soon I had this:


Also note the toolbox liner for the phone slot. Perfect for preventing your phone flying about when eurobeat spontaneously erupts as it is wont to do.

Next would be replacing the knob. A $25 dollar credit from Amazon I received God-knows-when and a plethora of choices awaited me. I went conservative and got a plain black ball, as no one offered a silver with navy shiftmap one.

Not quite

It left a bit to be desired, in fact, about an inch. In keeping with my theme of spending little to no money, I remembered a solution.


Perhaps a stack of washers is an inelegant solution, but the ease and price are hard to beat.


Other interior mods I hope to tackle soon are adding heated mirrors and a auto dim rear mirror. The car is prewired for them and should help through the icy, dark winter.

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