Looks like the 2.5 Turbo from the CX-9 is going to find a new home under the hood of the 2018 6.


Rumor mills are also saying available all-wheel-drive. A salesman I know on Facebook that runs the MazdaMovement Facebook page has said that they’ve been told all-wheel-drive and a turbo are coming. The turbo has now been confirmed by Mazda. Just waiting on the all-wheel-drive announcement.

Good stuff. The main complaint with the 6 from the B&B has been lack of power (although I drive one every day and have never found it to feel slow). It’s not really slow - it’s just as quick as the Camry and other 4-cylinder family sedans. It just needs an optional engine to compete with the Camry and Accord’s optional engines (V6 and turbo four respectively).

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