The potentially brilliant Mazda2 made it all the way through passing US crash safety and emissions standards before it was pulled from the lineup.

Mazda said that it saw more potential demand for a subcompact crossover, and the CX-3 was put on the lineup instead.

Toyota got the Mazda2 instead - now known as the Yaris iA sedan.

Year to date, Mazda has moved 7600 CX-3s, down 20% from last year, in a market that can’t get enough of crossovers.

Toyota, on the other hand, has sold 19,000 Yaris iAs, up 14% from last year, in a market that hates sedans.

Now, Mazda is surely making some profits off the iA sales - but the satisfied buyers of the iA are probably more likely to buy Toyota in the future. How many of them even know that its all Mazda except for the fascia?


Great job Mazda, really.