So a few days back I posted about a Mazda 6 MPS or as it’s known in the US, a Mazdaspeed 6. I just went to have a look and quick drive...

Good news and bad news...

The good...

It looks pretty clean. There is some very minor rust on the rear bumper behind the right side rear wheel well. Nothing inside the wheel wells, or on any door or body panels. It drives well as far as I could tell and the power feels great.

The bad...

Mileage has been messed with. Instead of 80k kilometers they think the actual is more like 180k. So from 50k miles to 110k miles. Also, it seems like there are quite a few scratches near where the OBDII port is supposed to be (don’t know the exact location, this was something I read on a mazdaspeed forum) which could mean someone has been tuning the shit out of it. Those two things really put me off since I don’t want a ticking bomb.

So, should I run from this or is it worth the €4500 and possibly some repair down the line?


Here are some pics:

Suspected damage near OBDII port. I guess it’s behind the panel there.
Even hard to see with the dried dirt but there were some very minor rust bubbles near the crease here


Dirt and some minor curb rash I think
Front right brake. The disk seemed fine to my untrained eyes but should i be worried about the surfave rust on the caliper?