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Mazdaspeed3 (little) big turbo tuning pt. 1

I recently installed a (little) big turbo in my Mazdaspeed3. I’m having it e-tuned by a well respected member of the Mazdaspeedforums, Justin from Freektune. There are a few great tuners out there, but after dealing with him before and having great experiences I decided to go back.

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This is the first visualization of data I have from the base map I was sent, which is just made to get the car going safely. I was told it’s set to wastegate spring pressure, usually around 18psi. Currently, the boost control solenoid (if I understand correctly) isn’t doing anything, so the wastegate is doing all the work here.

You can see a couple of things here. First, the stock k04 (blue line) dies at about 4900 RPM. Flat hp from then to redline. The 18g keeps pulling up to redline. I wasn’t used to that feeling at all, it was definitely a strange feeling even at the low boost base map. The 18g also takes forever to spool up. I’m guessing that it will be quicker with the new boost control solenoid doing it’s job, but it still will be slower than the little k04 regardless.


I feel pretty confident about where this is going considering that I’m already above the power the k04 made when the tune was fully fleshed out.

The program I used to get the data in the picture is called VirtualDyno. I’m using it just to get some sort of an idea of what’s going on with the power. It generates the graphs of hp/tq based on the logs I load into it from the Cobb Accessport, but it has support for a lot of other data logging devices. I’ll keep updating you guys on how it goes and where I’m at power wise as I get new maps from the tuner.

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