From my last post, I’m now on the 3rd revision of maps for the little big turbo. I picked up a lot of mid range HP and TQ which I can definitely say I really feel. I was worried at first that the slow spool would have a huge negative effect on the driving experience, but it feels like it’s been tuned out by the tuner controlling wastegate duty cycle. At least that’s what I’m assuming.

It’s important to note, when looking at these graphs, they’re not entirely accurate to how much whp I’m actually making. I’m just using them as a way to keep all calculations the same while applying different data logs to see the changes in percentages.


The graphs don’t line up perfectly because I didn’t start the logs at as low of RPM as I did the other ones. The results aren’t perfect as they just come from the logs my Accessport takes, but the hp and tq curves have been relatively consistent among the different logs taken on each map.

Here’s one comparing all 3 - the stock turbo tune, the base map tune, and the tune I’m on now.

The boost on the stock turbo came on so quick that I’m having to learn to drive a little differently to keep it in boost. I kind of miss that, but as you can see above the top end doesn’t just fall flat on its face with the new turbo. There’s still a good 3-4 psi to open up on the turbo and a couple other things to factor in before I really see it all shine. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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