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Mazdaspeed3 tuning pt. 3

Here’s the next progression in the series of maps I’ve ran while having my ECU tuned for my little big turbo.

From the last map to this one, I picked up a lot of power earlier in the RPM range. I was starting to get worried between maps that I had a boost leak going on. This one helped reassure me that I didn’t fuck anything up in the build and it’s still good.


I’m up to 21 psi now which is what the stock k04 turbo pushed. The 18g I installed is capable of around 23-24 psi as it sits in my car now. I’ve still probably got another 4 or so maps to go through, and if I keep seeing similar performance from map to map this thing’s gonna be a monster. There’s still a ton of room to grow where it flat lines at 5000 rpm.

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As always, it’s important to note that the logs used to create the dyno data are pretty unreliable as far as real world numbers. It’s just as close of a visual representation of what’s going on as I can get without buying dyno time.

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