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Mazdaspeed3 tuning pt. 4 - nearing the end of 93 octane tuning

The little big turbo is nearing the end of its tuning. Since last time, some more wastegate duty cycle has been added as well as an increase in timing.

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The turbo is starting to shine. Although there is definitely a longer time to spool which is still throwing me off a bit, the power up top is so much higher it’s worth it.

After this, I’m probably going to keep the tune going and go to a 30% e85 mix. There’s guys who have seen increases of 50+ hp pretty easy on turbos like the 18g I have. These cars don’t like much more over 30%, as it can gum up the high pressure fuel pump (though there’s been a lot of recent work done to make it more viable) and a high mix on a gen 2 Mazdaspeed3 can kill the gas gauge.


Keep in mind this dyno chart was made with 3rd gear wot logs from my AccessPort and ran through Virtual Dyno, so while it’s not completely accurate, it gives me some idea of where I’m at.

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