Mazderati in progress!

The roll bar is in the car and all of the holes are drilled. But unfortunately I forgot my wheel key (these stupid wheel locks are being thrown out as soon as I get them off) so I couldn’t finish bolting everything down. Just the two top mounts and two front mounts into the seat bolt towers are secured, with ten holes drilled not mounted. Those will be easily accessible with the car on jack stands and the wheels removed so I’ll just wait to finish that up. But since everything is in place I figured some photos were in order. I love Miatas with roll bars, it just looks so right!


Also, happy Memorial day weekend! I’m heading to Denver tomorrow night and exploring that area for a few days. Never been to Colorado so it should be a nice little vacation for the long weekend. Next weekend I’ll be doing another trip someplace in Cali that will hopefully include some hiking, camping, and maybe even an autocross. 

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