McLaren Should Return to the Kiwi Logo

I made this nice image from the McLaren logos adorning the new MSO P1 destined for New Zealand, but actually the Woking racing outfit used this "Speedy Kiwi" from 1967 until it was phased out in 1981. And I think you'll agree with me in saying McLaren should replace their cigarette-inbred-logo something with a bit more history.

McLaren is entering a new era with keeping a strong foothold in their new-car sales of the 650S, P1, and upcoming Sports Series road car and switching back to Honda power in Formula 1.


Therefore a non-generic logo should go with their desire to expand their brand; the Speedy Kiwi is surely a lot more memorable.

The Speedy Kiwi is separate from the standard Kiwi that McLaren started using as a logo, now branded in every P1's engine bay.

Let's be honest: that Kiwi's a bit fat...

But the Speedy Kiwi isn't, so let's overtake the random swoosh. Got it, Ron Dennis?

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