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Me, a couple hours ago

This is pretty much what I did while making a delivery outside a hospital a few hours ago, though my fall was way less graceful than this. I tripped over a high curb and then did that running thing where you get closer and closer to the ground the further you go. If I had just let myself hit the ground right when I tripped it wouldn’t have been as bad, but I was sure I could recover (spoiler alert: I couldn’t). I was running directly toward a brick wall, and I put my arms out and pushed off of the wall as I hit it, rolling away from the wall. I’m lucky I didn’t bang my head on the concrete. I scraped up and bruised both knees badly and have some road rash on my wrist.


Fortunately I just bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label, so he’s helping me cope right now. Really well. I’m just glad that because of the time of day and the entrance I used, barely anyone saw me do it.

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