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“Oddly enough, privacy is an outdated concept. With nearly everyone having a computer in their pocket that’s connected to a satellite and security cameras everywhere, it’s nearly impossible to be somewhere by yourself with nobody watching. In order to have privacy in most urban areas, you have to fly faster than what chases you. Typically that means a car old enough not to be satellite connected or a motorcycle, and turning your phone completely off. At 3 AM the city is at recess, and every empty parking lot is a jungle gym. Some of these jungle gyms are better than others, and so they’re kept safely secret. If a mouse uses a hole in the wall enough, pretty soon that hole will get boarded up and the mouse can’t go through there anymore. Sometimes those nights spent shredding tires and burning gasoline are the best times one can possibly have. And sometimes those nights are proof that privacy nowadays exists in the weirdest, most open places.” - Some Douche From The Internet


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