But at different places of course. I’m getting my intestines re-attached on the 26. A month earlier so i’m super happy. I can’t wait to be normal and bagless again...

And now about my pathfinder, so yeah you guessed right. It’s getting a new CVT. last week I went to my Nissan dealer to get two recalls done, a CVT reprogram and a passenger airbag sensor. When I gave the keys, the guy asked if I had any CVT problems, and actually never did untill the drive there, when the CVT juried while slowing down.

When I picked it up, they tell me they will be changing the CVT once they get it.

The second I took off, the CVT was making a horrible whining noise, and feels like it was slipping.

At least Nissan changed the warranty on the transmission from 5 to 7 years. So I should be ok till the end of 2020