Me like! (With bonus)

The original wheels on my truck were definitely looking a little worse for wear after 13 years. The finish was peeling, they had some corrosion, and one of the center caps recently went AWOL.

I first checked good old Craigswaste and found a set of wheels and tires from a newer Silverado listed as “wheels like new with 90% tread remaining on tires.”


Well, like new apparently meant newly recovered from the river. The corrosion was worse than in the wheels I wanted to replace. The tires did have lots of life left in them though.

Decided to check Facebook marketplace and had much better luck.

Here’s the bonus: winter mode engaged.


They came with Blizzaks that look to have been used very little. The man I bought them from had bought them to use as his winter wheels on his 2014 Chevy and said he only put about 1200 miles on them because he mainly drives his company truck.

He sold the truck but the buyer had no interest in the extra wheels.

I think they look much nicer than the old wheels and am excited to have my first set of actual winter tires. I’ve had mud/snow rated ATs before but never dedicated winter tires.

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