Long story short, I applied as a smog inspector at a test only shop down the street. It wouldn’t be for months, but his offer was laughably low. It would be a massive paycut for me, but he’s trying to sell it with the comission. I don’t do commission. All the risk is with me, and all of the reward goes to the owner.

So I had talked to him yesterday, because now he was talking about opening up a test and repair shop next year, and having me run it. But as we’re talking, he’s saying he really wants an inspector who also has their repair license, because he wan’t someone with experience that knows what he’s doing. But he’s obviously not willing to pay for it.

I’ve blocked out the numbers because I don’t want to advertise what I make, but my offer to him would still be a pay cut from what I make now. But, I’ve thought about it over the last few months, and as much as I hate my job, and my boss, I’m not going to devalue myself. I know what I’m worth, I want to be paid that. I’ve spent my entire career in automotive being taken advantage of, and that stops now. That’s why my tools are going home this weekend. My boss doesn’t want to pay me a fair wage to do repairs, and he doesn’t give me paid time off, so I’m not doing repairs. He hired me to be an Inspector, and that’s what I’ll do.

The other owner, though, just let a guy go who has had multiple citations from the state. And I know those cost the shop owner around $5,000 per occurrence, but that’s what you get when you pay a shit wage. I really wanted to tell him good luck finding someone as qualified as me willing to work for what he’s offering. All I can say is it won’t happen. Anyone willing to accept his salary either has zero experience, or has had multiple citations and can’t find another job. Either way, he’s going to get his money’s worth.