3 Degrees out and only slightly warmer in my now heated, but not yet sealed up and insulated shop, work on the 97 Ranger continues. The bolts for the rusted on brackets have to attach to the frame, there is no back access because of the gas tank. I considered taking off the tank, but of course I had just filled it, and no doubt the bolts holding the gas tank straps were as badly rusted as everything else so I decided not to go down that road.

So I fished a wire through the hole, fiddled around until I could get it to peek out from between the frame and the tank, attached the bolt to the wire and pulled it through.


A little finesse to get the bolt through, and great care not to push it out once in. I started with 6 bolts, 2 were lost in the abyss, which left me with the 4 I needed.

The impact wrench took care of torqueing down the nuts without a wrench on the bolts. A little fun with levers and leaf springs to get the eye bolt in and we are back on the road.


Guess my truck was born in January.

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