Meanwhile, down at the Lexus dealer...

Husband bought it for his wife 3 weeks ago. Already traded it in on an all black errything 2020 LX570 Inspiration that had just been delivered to the dealer when I arrived. Also present was this yellow, white leather, yellow stitching LC500. Fits the car better than I would have thought.


Also, the reason I was at the Lexus dealer. Apparently their phones were down yesterday when I called to see if they would honor their service bulletin on my wife’s RX350 dash which has cracked and become sticky, a known issue for late 2000s/early 2010 Lexus(even my ISF dash and all four door panels were replaced). Dealer said expired, call Lexus, maybe they can help. Lexus said cant help. Called used lot at dealer where car was bought and asked why it was not done when it was sold. Waiting to hear back. The saga begins.

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