The Fiat X1/9 overheated and needed its coolant bled. Luckily there was this little stream up in the mountains/hills.



The Citroën BX, which has spent many years of its life neglected in a field, sprung a leak and needs to be topped up with a liter of pneumatic fluid a day as a short term solution. It still managed to catch 4-wheel air during an accidental jump and with its 70-72 hp NA diesel, 165 mm narrow tires and 178k miles it managed to outrun some roadsters with far superior power to weight ratios and handling. Insanity conquers capability, I guess. Additionally: I saw over 100 mph on a not very straight rural b road. With a 72 hp NA diesel family car.


Notice the stranded Fiat in the background

2 days down, 3 to go. Due to driving constantly there’s a chronic lack of picture (locations), sadly.