Kia gone agricultural.

On an unrelated note, I drove over to my grandma’s in south east Kansas for Easter. As usual, went to church with her today but... I finally walked out towards the end of the service. Ironically, it wasn’t my typical issue of one of the pastors going on a weird right wing pro-Putin sermon. Today it was that when they asked someone to pray before lunch one of the obnoxious 30 somethings decided that he was going to give his own Easter sermon instead of a prayer. My dad elbowed me and said “we’re leaving” which I fully wasn’t expecting from him. I’m not a religious person, my family is, but this was so blatantly wrong that even they weren’t having it.

Whatever, when it comes to going to church when I visit family I just abide by the immortal words of the great Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch:

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined”