Meanwhile, in Wales

‘My’ BX has been fixed, but more importantly the Fiat X1/9 had a bit of a crash... Hedges were involved. Many miles of great roads weren’t driven by our subgroup

I’m sure better pictures will pop up next week, this is all I’ve got on my phone.


The day started off with going to a mechanic referred to us by friendly locals. The BX was leaking about 1L of expensive LHM hydraulic fluid a day, which it wasn’t before heading for Wales. Long story short, a plastic Y connector of the LHM return line had crumpled. Simon managed to get it replaced. Problem solved. And off we went...

Then disaster struck. In a slippery downhill turn the Fiat X1/9 went straight through a hedge and onto a field. A control arm was bent and the local farm owner was angry.

That wasn’t it though. We drove a mile or so into town, where we found out it was leaking coolant. That leak was quickly fixed and we had a 5L bottle of coolant available. However, the system needed to be bled... For that the bonnet had to open, which it didn’t because the nose cone was pushed in. Also, the bleed valve was unreachable due to the pushed in nose cone. As that body part was beyond saving anyway the carnage started...

It made it to the cottage on its own power. Cooling system bled, control arm still bent. A new control arm is supposed to be delivered before 9 am this morning.

After lots of hard work and cutting the (undamaged) bonnet was finally cleared so it could be opened
Coolant leak spotted
After the crash, the car still untouched. Missing bumper and grille parts stored in the trunk
Note the thick layer of dirt in the wheel. It wasn’t like that the day before.

I’m on my phone with low battery and the charger left in the car, so excuse the chronology of the pictures.

A suggestion someone else made here that I liked (to those reading this in Wales): use tags in you post so they’re easier to find.

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