Today, I do my third mediation in 2 weeks. I do not think the case is likely to settle. My client is very confident in their case, which is representative of the madness that has gripped this state.

My client has a time clock that rounds to the nearest 15 minutes on a classic 7 up - 7 down program. Most of the workers are on sorting lines that do not start until the scheduled start time. If workers start at 6 am, theu usually clock in between 5:55 and 6, but rarely after 6. As you would expect 5:57 rounds to 6, etc. As a result, over time, many workers lose a couple of minutes that have been rounded away. This is the new hot theory, and they want my client to pay millions for this. We are fighting over meaningless minutes - that translate into big money with penalties and related exposure - that represent at best a few dollars for each worker, but a 6 figure fee for the lawyers.

Stay tuned - Friday I get to mediate for a client who seems to have no confidence in me, and questions everything that I do. I have no idea why they hired me. I have never had this experience before. I am going to get them the best deal there is to be had, and then I am going to tell them to take their business elsewhere. I don’t need the aggravation. Should make for a fun post though....

Today’s mediation is about 50 miles away, and dammit, I’m taking the Sunchaser.